Dear valued patients.

We would like to reassure you we have implemented extra measures to ensure our hygiene standards are above what is required to protect you and our staff whilst visiting our clinic.

Due to the close contact during treatments we have taken extra measures.

Please inform us prior to your appointment if you are experiencing fever, sore throat or are unwell, or if you have recently been overseas, or have been in contact with anyone unwell.

Our staff WILL NOT be travelling overseas and have cancelled all overseas holidays for the foreseeable future

We take the responsibility to protect your health seriously and want you to be aware of the following:

  • Upon arrival, all practitioner’s and reception staff will be checked with a thermometer and – if above 37.3° – will be sent home to self-isolate and seek medical clearance before returning to work.
  • We will greet patients with a friendly smile rather than a handshake.
  • Regular sanitisation will be performed upon the door handles, couches, chairs, tables, EFTPOS machines and all shared surfaces with a powerful disinfectant throughout the day.
  • All clients will have their temperature taken upon arrival into the clinic.
  • All staff will perform a thorough hand wash between clients and/or every hour in accordance with guidelines.
  • Hand sanitiser can be found at the reception desk for your convenience.
  • We kindly reiterate and request that any clients displaying known symptoms do not attend the clinic, we will be understanding if appointments need to be cancelled.
  • We will not be using treatment table covers and all exposed vinyl will be throroughly cleaned after each patient.

As for now, it is business as usual.

We will look forward to treating you in clinic and will continue to follow the advice of the Department of Health.

If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call the bayswater clinic on 9271 6214.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew, Mark, Daniel and David