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Yaksich Health Centre

At Yaksich Health Centre our practitioners practice a unique style of manipulative medicine which has been passed down from generation to generation. It focusses on addressing the root cause of the problem with 4 – 6 specific treatments across a 2 week period. The initial consult will require a thorough  history to be taken and an initial examination to determine if our treatment is appropriate and safe for you. If, at this time, the practitioner feels that you would be better suited to another form of treatment they will refer you to someone in our extensive network of health professionals. 

If treatment is commenced some gentle muscle and joint mobilisations will be performed followed by a poultice which is to stay on overnight and forms an integral part of the treatment. The poultice is used to reduce the inflammatory aspect of the problem and allows us to work on inflamed and agitated/acute episodes of back pain. It is a herbal mixture that – when applied to the skin – acts as a natural anti-inflammatory reducing muscular spasms which are a major contributor to the pain cycle in low back and neck complaints


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