There are a lot of golfers who finish a game of golf with a multiude of sore spots, most commonly being a sore back. Golf is a sport that requires a higher degree of rhythym, timing and technical skill than it does physical fitness however this doesn’t mean you should completly disregard it. You can prevent some of the physical stresses that come with golf by improving your golf fitness and by warming up before you play. Older golfers especially need to take time stretch their muscles – focusing on their legs, shoulders and back.

Rushing to golf, just in time to make your tee off time and attempting a career best drive down the first without any stretching is probably not the best warmup – however this is the reality for a lot of golfers. Give yourself plenty of time before you play making sure you get the clubs out of the car slowly. Stretch your hamstrings and calves by putting your leg up on something about chair height and gently leaning forward to feel the stretch down the back of your legs 10 to 15 seconds on each side, repeating the stretch twice. Move onto some dynamic stretching by swinging loosely with your driver a dozen or so times and if available possibly hit a dozen balls into the practice net or on the driving range. Your first drive should be well within your maximum – the old adage is 80% effort because the other 20% just gets you into trouble.


Buggy’s are designed to push so if you are using a buggy try not pull it behind you, instead, place both hands on the handle and push it at waist heigh. Most buggies these days have a third wheel to make this easier .If you hire a trolley that is two wheeled we still recommend to push it however, just be cautious that you don’t let it dig into the grass in front of you. This can put an awful lot of strain on your low back – something we definitely don’t want!


Having an awkward swing can result in excessive rotation which in turn puts unecessary strain on your spine. Do yourself a favour and have some golf lessons, most courses will run clinics to tune up your golf swing. Lessons will remove some of the habits that might be contributing to your back pain. The golf swing is a simple movement but has the potential to damage your spine if done incorrectly.


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